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Gold and silver are people’s first choice for asset preservation due to their unique attributes – stability, easy circulation, hedging, investment and preservation.

CN300 Index

The CN300 index is an index jointly released by the Shanghai and shenzhen stock exchanges to reflect the overall trend of the a-share market. The compilation target of the CN300 index is to reflect the general picture and operation status of stock price changes in China's securities market, and it can be used as the evaluation standard of investment performance to provide basic conditions for indexation investment and index derivative product innovation.


The HKG33 index, compiled by hang seng index services limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of hang seng bank, is a weighted average share price index (wma) based on a sample of 50 listed stocks in the Hong Kong stock market.

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MALAFY is an innovative financial service company with standardized operation and steady income. It draws lessons from advanced international financial service concepts, financial innovation and risk management technology, and combines with various needs of domestic financial service market. It specializes in financial services with financing and asset appreciation as the main industries, providing all-round financial services for customers. Personalized financing and asset appreciation services.

The company has a standard management system, a complete set of risk management system and personnel training system, a sound organizational structure, most of our expert team and project core members from well-known financial institutions, with the industry's top vision and technical level, familiar with the characteristics of the financial investment industry, the ability to develop more scientific investment for customers. Strategy and asset management plan.

MALAFY has been involved in foreign exchange futures for many years, and has cooperated with several futures companies to provide services such as opening an account, allocating funds and trading guidance for institutional investors and individual investors. MALAFY International is committed to becoming a risk controller and wealth manager in the international capital market, providing convenience and trading guidance for domestic customers to invest in foreign futures, and making full use of the company's talent advantages, industry advantages and platform advantages to promote the healthy participation of domestic customers in international transactions.

At present, the company is negotiating with international financial institutions from the United States, Britain,, New Zealand, Japan and other cooperation, so that domestic customers can be more in-depth and extensive participation in international financial investment. In the next three years, the company will only focus on enhancing the core competitiveness of the company, enhance customer service level, enhance the level of asset management to start work, and strive to establish the company's brand and industry status, with professional investment and service capabilities for all types of investment customers to create value.

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