CN300 Index

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CN300 Index

The sample of the CN300 index covers about 70% of the market value of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets, with good market representation and investability. As of August 31, 2006, two index funds have used the CN300 index as their investment target, and 10 funds have used the CN300 index as a benchmark for performance. China Securities Index Co., Ltd. has authorized BOCI International Prudential Asset Management to use the CN300 index to develop overseas ETFs , and Reuters Information to use the CN300 index to develop the Reuters China Annuity Index . Its introduction has enriched the existing index system in the market , added an indicator for observing market trends, and further provided basic conditions for the innovation and development of index investment products, which is very beneficial for investors to fully grasp the stock market in China. Overall health.

First, the market coverage of the CN300 index is high, and the weight of the main components is relatively scattered, which is conducive to the prevention of index manipulation. According to statistics , as of December 31, 2009, the total market capitalization coverage and circulation market value coverage of the CN300 index is about 72%; the cumulative weight of the top 10 constituent stocks is about 25%, and the cumulative weight of the top 20 constituent stocks is about It is 37%. The largest weighted shares of China Merchants Bank accounted for 3.54%. The higher market coverage and the more dispersed characteristics of the constituent stocks determine that the index has better resistance to maneuverability.

Second, the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index industry is relatively well-balanced and can better counter cyclical fluctuations in specific industries, thereby achieving better hedging effects and meeting investors' risk management needs. The CN300 index constituents cover 10 industries including energy, raw materials , industry, optional consumption, major consumption, health care, finance , information technology , telecommunications services, and public utilities. The market capitalization coverage of companies in various industries is relatively balanced, making this The index is better against cyclical fluctuations in the industry. According to the comparative analysis of the main domestic indexes , the index futures products developed with the CN300 index have better hedging effects and can meet the needs of investor risk management.

Third, the CN300 index has strong market representation and high investability, which is conducive to market function and subsequent product innovation . The CN300 index draws on the mature index formulation concept of the international market , adopting advanced technologies such as free-flowing equity weighting, grading by file, and sample adjustment buffer. The market test results show that since the release of the CN300 index on April 8, 2005, the index has a correlation with the Shanghai Composite Index of over 97%, and has always had strong market representation and high investment. From the international experience, the exchanges of countries and regions generally first introduce stock index futures products that can dominate the market. After the first products are successfully listed , they will gradually introduce index futures products by industry and market. . Gold in the first stock index futures contracts to the CN300 index for the subject of the transaction, is conducive to play the role of the first flagship product, and lay a solid foundation for future product innovation.

Advantages of CN300 Index trading

CN300 Index products
are a fast-growing market with transparent pricing

Great liquidity
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Settlement Daily settlement
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