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common problem

Q: What materials and equipment do I need to prepare before opening an account online?

A: You need to upload the material:
1. The photo of the front and back of my second-generation resident ID card (not supporting the temporary resident ID card) during the validity period checks the personal information, and the photo is clear and within 500k. Photo format: jpg, jpeg, tif, bmp, png;
2. Contact: Please fill in the correct your email and phone number, to facilitate post verification of accounts;
3. Bank card: must be the debit card in my name, the front and back of the bank card, photo format: jpg, jpeg, tif, bmp, png, please fill in the correct bank account information when opening an account;

Q: What is the time for deposit and withdrawal?

A: The recommended deposit time are 9:00-22:00 from Monday to Friday and 9:00-16:30 at weekends;
the recommended withdrawal time is ,from Monday to Thursday the processing time of the application for withdrawal is T+1.
For example, the application for withdrawal on Thursday will be reviewed and processed on Friday. The application for money withdrawal on Friday and weekend will be processed next Monday. In case of national holidays, it shall be postponed to the first working day after the holiday;
Under normal circumstances, the time to receive the payment and the time to review the payment shall be the same day, and the specific time to receive the payment shall be subject to the bank's processing time. Subject to change, further notice!

Q: Can't receive the verification code in the email or log in and input the wrong password for many times, resulting in the locked account?

A: Please contact the relevant salesman and provide your registered email address and name .

Q: If you forget your login password or reset your trading account password?

A: Please open the personal center login website and click "forget password?" , please reset your password at the registered email address by yourself; To reset the transaction account password, first login to your personal center and reset the transaction password in your personal center .

Q: When some mobile phones use trading account login trading software the name or account appear garbled?

A: The reason for this phenomenon is that the customer's mobile phone system is not completely compatible with the trading software, and this incompatibility will not affect the customer's use of the software for trading .

Q:How can I contact the company if I have any questions ?

A:If you have any problem, please email us. Our company email is .